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Promote your status update on Facebook

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It is now possible for Facebook users to promote a status update on their Timeline easly by a 7.10$ payment.

Some people may think that this is just a useless function for annoying attention-whore-friends that wants even more attention. And of course, there is a possibility that users get annoyed by promoted status updates but however, they have the great possibility to hide and report annoying stuff.

By promoting status updates option there comes new opportunities for users to amplify those updates that really matters and that they don't want any friend to miss. Let say that you run a busyness and you have a product that you wanna introduce to your network. If you have a huge network then it can be worth it to pay that 7 dollars to reach out to them. But of course your content must be interesting and make people to wanna share it. And there is a good idea to not spam promoted contents if you want any friends left. Use it wisely and be creative.



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