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Hummingbird! The new Google engine

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Google Hummingbird

Google releases its new search algorithm with the name "Hummingbird" and with that, 90% of searches are affected. The affects are not as drastic as the "Panda" back in 2011 witch penalized pages with attributes common to link farms and low-quality sites and more.


The new algorithm is much more complex and Google means that this system will give users better search results then before and keeps up with the internet evolution.

Now its more about queries and not just SEO. The new google will handle questions posted by users and give them the most valuable answers. The fact is that people make searches using more then one or two words these days so they now can get more precise and faster query results.

Hummingbird is a complete replacement of the earlier "Penguin" and "Panda" updates so the codes are all rewritten.



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Facebook is getting richer with the Twitter #hashtag

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The king of social media Facebook annouces that they will copy and implement the #hashtag that Twitter uses for discussions about specific topics in to their system. That means that people can now discuss more openly and with a much wider audience then before.

By clicking on a hashtag (#) you will bring up a list of posts with usally the same subject. That is usefull, however there are a lot of people who does not use hashtags right and only use them to get more viewers on their posts or for spam reasons. That is the minus of this smart function. But if used properly it is a very easy way to communicate with other people about the same subject.



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Measurement and Content is Everything

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The typical website owner wants to have as many viewers as they can and most of them try to get more viewers thru push-marketing. Many use banners/ads or SEO and these methods will help a lot but the main mistake that many of them keep making is to forgetting about optimizing the website it self and to publish interesting unique content on it. Well, busynesses often doesn't have the time to create content for their websites or maybe they can't come up with new interesting stuff to add on their website so often. Many companies never publish anything new at all. Just the simple information about the company and how to contact them. There are tuns of things that they can improve on their websites which will lead to increase sales and brand awareness but they think that its good just the way it is, or they don't know how to do it them selfs or there is no budget to get professional help.

There are huge amount of cost-free tools and methods for a company to take advantage of and increase sales with, to reach the target group and market them self digitally. All they need to do is to invest some time on it if there is no budget for professional digital marketing services like the ones that we provide.

Of course it will take precious and valuable time to learn and use the technology and methods but it is definitely worth it. We understand that not every busyness has that amount of time to focus on these issues and thats why we even exist. As they say.. "Time is Money".

Our customers put their trust on us and we do our best to keep them satisfied and trying to build a long-term relationship for a win/win situation.

We put a very high focus on measurement of data to unsure that we know what the best solutions are and if we are going the right way and to control the results of our work.





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SEO strategy for 2012

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Search Engine Optimization, witch is a very important strategy for a company to improve sales and brand awareness is in a tremendous fast development process and as the search engines (read Google) are making changes in their algorithms continuously there is a need to develop the techniques that are used to reach the desired results. First of all, you need to obey the regulations that search engines have for approved and authorized methods to not shoot your self on the foot and damage instead of making progress. Many "SEO-experts" out there or NOT working with approved methods and are very short term thinking just to make a fast profit, they are taking advantage of the leak of knowledge that many companies have and misguide them to make fast profits by cheating (using Black Hat techniques).

What happens with the result? Easy, Google will punish the website and it will cost a company big time to recover. Time is money and no busyness wants to lose time and money to recover from a tricky SEO strategy.

We at Stockbeatz Media are using strictly approved methods for SEO and will never take risks. With long-term strategy, follow-ups, researchs and reports we are able to succeed and give our customers what they ask for.

Don't forget that there are many things to think about and it will take time to see progress working with SEO.

Need help? Contact us right now.



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Promote your status update on Facebook

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It is now possible for Facebook users to promote a status update on their Timeline easly by a 7.10$ payment.

Some people may think that this is just a useless function for annoying attention-whore-friends that wants even more attention. And of course, there is a possibility that users get annoyed by promoted status updates but however, they have the great possibility to hide and report annoying stuff.

By promoting status updates option there comes new opportunities for users to amplify those updates that really matters and that they don't want any friend to miss. Let say that you run a busyness and you have a product that you wanna introduce to your network. If you have a huge network then it can be worth it to pay that 7 dollars to reach out to them. But of course your content must be interesting and make people to wanna share it. And there is a good idea to not spam promoted contents if you want any friends left. Use it wisely and be creative.



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